Have a relaxing evening

Going out for a meal shouldn’t be stressful!
Dont let your evening be ruined by a mad dash for a random restaurant

Bring your party here

Whether your party is for 2 or 50, you’ll always be welcome at Vito’s on 42nd in Cedar Rapids. We take reservations every day, except for Friday nights, so you have a wide range of time to plan ahead and bring your party to us!

When you make a reservation, it can be for either a regular dinner or for a private party. We can accommodate up to 50 people in any 1 area, which means you can fill up our restaurant with over 100 people if you wish! 

There are 2 solarium rooms for available for your parties. One holds up to 30 and the other one holds around 14 people.

There is also an upper loft you can use which holds at least 50 people and 2 outside patios,
1 of which overlooks Twin Pines Golf Course.

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